Beautiful Countries You Can Visit Without Visa

Beautiful Countries You Can Visit Without Visa

Did you know that you can travel to some countries without a visa? I'm not talking about countries where you can travel just because they're in the same area as your country. No, I'm talking about beautiful countries that aren't in your region (though some of them may be in your region, depending on where you are.

It is common knowledge that some countries are interconnected in economic relations, so there may be free movement of their citizens within the economic state. Common examples are the European Union and ECOWAS. ECOWAS is the" Economic Community of West African States " and citizens of member states can travel freely within member states. You should also know that EU citizens can travel anywhere within the European Union. Now Britain will not be a part of it after Brexit.

Beautiful Countries You Can Visit Without A Visa

Most of the countries you will see on this list are most popular in terms of Tourism, and you can't live or work there permanently. If you are looking for opportunities that allow you to travel, live and work in other countries, you should check the links below.

Immigration to Canada with or with family to live and work permanently.

Germany's job-seeker visa, which ultimately allows you to live and work in Germany.

Now, let's talk to people who are interested in not staying in a beautiful country for more than 3 months at a time. What do I mean? I mean, some of these beautiful countries allow you to stay on their territory for a maximum of 90 days.

But if you have the money to spend so much and enjoy the country, you can leave the country for a day and come back the next day. That way, you get another 90 days to stay visa-free.


The following is the list of 7 beautiful countries anyone can visit without a visa:


You may have heard about Barbados if you are a fan of track and field or tourism. Their athletes usually do the country proud at the Olympics and Athletics Championships. It is also a popular destination for vacations and honeymoons.
If you are an African or a tourist from another region, you are allowed to stay in Barbados for six months without a visa. However, you are required to provide an E-passport, a return ticket, and proof of sufficient funds to sustain you. Note that you need to provide all these as soon as you arrive in the country.
Lastly, I should let you know that the official language is English and it is in the Caribbean Islands.


Also in the Caribbean Island and officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dominica boasts beautiful sights and relaxation spots. Popular tourist sites include mountains, rainforests, freshwater lakes, and hot springs. Others include waterfalls, diving spots, and modern docking & waterfront facilities. There are also cruise ship stopovers that mesmerize people.
The official language is English and the country offers a twenty-one-day no-visa-free. This means that you cannot stay in this country for more than 21 days (3 weeks).


As an Island in Melanesia, Fiji’s official languages are iTaukei, English, and Fiji Hindi. The most recent census carried out in the country leaves the country’s population somewhere below 1 million.
Fiji beats every other country we have mentioned so far because they allow you to stay for up to 4 months without a visa. 


Forget the earthquake, Haiti is located on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean sea. Haiti has always been popular for historical sites before the earthquake of 2010 and I believe the quake even made it more popular. Many people who didn’t know Haiti before that time now do.
If you decide to travel to Haiti, you get a three-month visa-free pass.


One of the countries on earth with many islands is Micronesia. The country is made up of thousands of small islands. It reported that the islands are approximately 2100 in number. That’s huge if you asked me.
These small islands have been grouped into 4: the Caroline Islands, the Gilbert Islands, the Mariana Islands, the and marshall islands. Micronesia allows you to come and spend a maximum of 30 days without a visa.


Seychelles is an African island nation that is very popular among tourists from different parts of the world. The closest countries are Madagascar and Comoros – both island nations. 
The colorful beaches of Seychelles are particularly a tourist attraction. If you ever decide to go take a vacation or have your honeymoon there, please remember that you have only one month to stay without a visa.


Located in the oceans of South East Asia, this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The Maldives has a population that is fewer than five hundred thousand people. 
The country offers a 30-day visa-free period. So, you can only enjoy the beaches of this country for one month at a time.


  • Bangladesh (30 days),
  • Cambodia (30 days),
  • Nauru,
  • Palau (90 days),
  • Samoa (60 days),
  • Sri Lanka,
  • Mauritius (90 days),
  • and Madagascar (90 days).
Finally, know that you are only allowed to come as a tourist under this condition. You are not allowed to legally work or permanently live.
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