Express Entry Visa Immigration To Canada For Immigrants: Can I Move to Canada Without a Job Offer?

Visa Immigration To Canada For Immigrants: Can I Move to Canada Without a Job Offer?

If you really want a change in your current place of residence and are looking for improvement in quality of Life, Canada offers exciting and amazing opportunities. Unlike in some foreign countries, it is not always necessary to get any job offers to move to Canada.

There are principles and programs available to you to fill out and apply for a permanent residence permit in Canada without finding a job in advance. Note that there are other Canadian immigration programs that require a job offer from a Canadian employer. However, this article will only discuss those who do not have a job requirement.

Below, you will see all the programs that can help you go to Canada without a job offer:
  1. Express Entry Program
  2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).
  3. Family Sponsor.


Express Entry Program is the best route for skilled workers’ migration to Canada. Hence, there is no stipulation on a job offer. However, the prospect needs to satisfy the qualification for Canada PR and may simply arrive in Canada without a standing job offer.
Listed here are some bottom lines regarding Express Access Program:
  1. To start with, the Express Entry Program is actually the fastest migration program in the world. Candidates with the correct references and also the ideal documentation can easily move to Canada along with PR visas within 1 year. Sometimes it can be as fast as three to four months.
  2. The Express Entry Program has been streamlined to allow for smoother processing of applications and also welcome skilled workers into Canada.
  3. There is actually no initial expense required for applying for Canadian PR.
  4. The IRCC has made its immigration broad by which more people can come to Canada and start their careers as professionals in its growing economy. It intends to get as many as 1 million people into the nation through 2020. Out of this number, over 565,000 are going to be actually through the Express Entry Program.
  5. The Express Entry Program makes it possible for skilled workers coming from specific occupations to come to Canada and start working there even without a job offer. This is a unique feature in Canada and is of utmost benefit to global immigration applicants.


Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) permits the provinces and gives them the right to decide to invite an applicant to come and live in Canada. They have their own set requirements and such candidates must have met the requirements before they get the invitation to come and live/work in a particular Canadian province. There are actually a few provinces that do not request a job offer for eligibility. These districts are:
• Saskatchewan.
• Nova Scotia.
• Ontario.
• British Columbia — International Post Grad classification.


It needs the applicant to meet the qualifications in the Canada PNP method by complying with the ideal score of 60 out of 100, and Saskatchewan doesn’t call for a job deal as well as an incredibly low foreign language rating.


Nova Scotia may aid with the immigration process due to the option of the candidates that want to immigrate to Canada without a work offer. Nova Scotia asks for job expertise as well as educational background and also capabilities. The immigrant can seek a job also after the movement.


As a skilled worker, you can try the Human Capital Priorities stream of Ontario. For this, you require to satisfy the qualification for Citizenship through meeting the aspect score requirement as well as relevant job expertise. So, you may try this method for Canada Immigration without a job offer.


In this subcategory, the applicant may move to Canada without a work offer as a student. After complications of a degree, applicants can apply for jobs. This is a method to create the skill that remains in the province.


By Means of the household support program if your family member is staying in Canada then they can help in your migration process. A few of the norms that need to have to be fulfilled by the candidate within this classification are actually:
  • The family member must be above 18 years as well as self-supporting to become able to Sponsor.
  • The sponsor must be a Canadian Person or even a PR holder.


Now you understand that moving to Canada without a job offer or work permit is possible. Thus if you desire to go to Canada as well as do certainly not have a valid work permit, then do not get scared! Many ways and processes are there to become a permanent Canadian resident without job offers.
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